Why a custom Remo floor plan?

collab virtual world Remo venue architect

One of the biggest drawbacks with virtual events is the complete lack of emotion in the experience.  You're shown as a square on a screen that has no feeling of place or identity.  There's no context to why you're meeting or having a conversation and absolutely zero experiential factor.

Remo goes a step further than Zoom or Teams or Meetup it allows conversations to happen in a venue and around tables.  This instantly gives the opportunity to make those tables social spaces and the venue something that relates to a physical place.

Where Remo reaches its limitations though is that the venue designs, called floor plans, are incredibly basic and reminiscent of basic video games from 20 years ago.  And this is where Collab steps in.  Collab helps you create a realistic virtual world.

Our floor plans are designed by our venue architects who have completed dozens of customised floor plans.  This experience translates into higher rated events as the floor plans just work better for the different types of events they will be used for.  As avid users of Remo we keep up to date with all the latest changes and how best to build floor plans to the most current advancements.

Unlike a generic floor plan, we specialise in creating immersive, fun and creative environments that elevate events and make them feel like your guests have actually travelled to a venue and explored a new space.  Plus we can tailor everything to your exact requirements enhancing your brand and maximising promotion for sponsors.

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