The death of the virtual world?

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With the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown promising a return to normality, it certainly brings into question the future of the virtual world.

Early last year, the transition into running virtual online events became a necessity to maintaining a sense of engagement and connectivity throughout a period of lockdowns. So, as restrictions ease and events resume in person, it must be asked, are we seeing the death of the virtual world?

Our answer: Not at all.

We all have a fundamental need for connectivity. Social distancing or not, over the past few decades innovation in technology and remote experiences have been key in bringing us together to celebrate momentous occasions like the moon landing or England winning the world cup.

In fact, we will soon see us experience Glastonbury 2021 virtually this year whilst other festivals have given the green-light to go ahead physically.

Before and during lockdowns, remote experiences have been fundamental in creating a technologically connected world, and at Collab, we believe that the need for this will surely transcend beyond Coronavirus restrictions.

Our venue architects create immersive virtual environments which can be tailored to your own requirements of what you want your guests to see and experience, wherever in the world they may be. We'll help you take your Remo events to the next level and give your guests a virtual experience to remember.

This is not the end of the virtual world, this is just the beginning.

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