New 20 person table functionality in Remo beta

Remo has announced that it's trialling an option for tables of up to 20 people in size, to provide new options for table based conversations.

Collab Virtual World has already completed a number of floor plan designs for clients that have requested table sizes that far exceed the previous maximum of 8 seats so we knew that the software had the ability to handle far more concurrent video connections than the Remo plans were currently allowing.

But yesterday, Wednesday 8 April 2021, Remo announced that it was beta testing table sizes of up to 20 seats but with a strong recommendation to keep the maximum table size under 16 if any participant had poor bandwidth.

The announcement is welcomed by Collab Virtual World as a lot of clients want to hold breakout discussions or hosted table discussions for far more than 8 participants but don't want the cost or complexity of having to move across multiple venues to then go into presentation mode to have a conversation at size.

The ability to go from presentation mode into large groups of up to 20 will far more closely fit the real world expectation of conferences and seminars and will be a great feature.  Plus a typical company Board will now be able to meet around a single table in Remo rather than using alternative software that allows that larger discussion group.

Do you need a Remo floor plan that makes use of this new Remo feature?  If so, get in touch and one of our Venue Architects will work with you to produce a floor plan of unparalleled quality.

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